There’s no better way for your brand to have a voice than using Social Media to engage with followers – who are either your customers, potential customers or individuals who have taken an interest in your product or service.

Your social media marketing should reflect your brand, by using quality images to create attention and promote your products, along with composing persuasive and interesting content to engage with prospects.

Marketing Wing Consultancy can help businesses create or optimise their social media marketing efforts to better promote their business.  We can tailor a package to suit your needs, including using targeted advertising to gain leads.  See our example packages to gain an insight into what you’ll receive.

Did you know…

Current national research indicates that almost *50% of consumers access social media on a daily basis (79% for the 18-29 age group), so it’s fair to say that businesses who aren’t taking advantage of this relatively low cost communication forum may be limiting their reach and sales potential.

*Data and information sourced from (Sensis Social Media Report May 2015).

In fact, *SME’s who use social media to promote their business report better sales, profitability and employment performance than those without a social media presence.

Social Media Marketing – Suggested Packages

facebook marketing Perth

Facebook continues to dominate the social media space, remaining the most widely used social media platform in Australia.  Its unconquered position as the number 1 social networking site provides Australian businesses with the opportunity to better engage with customers and potential customers.

Facebook Starter Package

Optimise or create your Facebook Business Page.

What we do:

Set up your page including all relevant business information.

Ensure the best images are used to reflect your brand.

Implement suggested tactics to stimulate reach and page likes.

Provide suggestions for improved post engagement.

Prices start from $650 excl GST

marketing perth

The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing platform to build your brand, increase word of mouth and referrals, engage in targeted B2B marketing and find top talent.  Depending on your industry or type of business, LinkedIn can be utilised as a networking channel and offers B2B’s different ways of engaging with clients including targeted advertising campaigns to promote products/services.

LinkedIn Professional Profile Optimiser

Optimise or create your LinkedIn Professional Profile.

What we do:

Set up your profile page including professionally written current job summary and 3 past job summaries.

Ensure the best images are used to reflect you & your brand.

Implement suggested tactics to improve your profile strength so that you show up higher in search results for your profession.

Prices start from $480 excl GST

LinkedIn Company Page Starter/Optimiser

Optimise or create your LinkedIn Company Page.

What we do:

Set up your company page including professionally written business summary information.

Ensure the best images are used to reflect your brand.

Provide suggestions for improving post engagement.

Prices start from $650 excl GST

Social Media Marketing Perth | Marketing Wing Consultancy

Social media marketing generally involves selecting several social media channels to target your demographic.  Whether Twitter, Instagram or YouTube are used to supplement Facebook or LinkedIn, we can come up with a package to maximise your reach.

Social Media & Content Marketing Package

Manage your social media marketing – 10 hours a month at $1,200 per month (excl GST) x 3 months minimum

What we can do:

Create posts for placement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business pages or other social media networking sites at a frequency relevant to your business type and size.

Ensure the best images are used to reflect you & your brand.

Create targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to generate leads to your business page or website at an agreed budget (not included in monthly charge).

Creation of 1 blog per month.

Let us create or manage your Social Media Marketing

These are some suggested packages, however we can create a unique plan that suits your business needs.  Contact us today.

Top 10 benefits of Social Media Marketing…