Outsourced Marketing

When you engage Marketing Wing to provide offsite, outsourced marketing for your business for an agreed number of hours per month, marketing tasks/work will be completed as required on a daily or weekly basis depending on the package selected and your business needs.  Outsourced marketing is billed on a weekly basis, in line with the number of hours completed each week and the number of hours per month will remain within the agreed maximum number of hours your business specifies.


Marketing Plans & All Other Project Marketing

The creation of a marketing plan and the majority of other marketing projects we specialise in, such as a new website, logo or any printing work will require a 50% deposit prior to commencement.  The balance will be due for payment on completion of the work.  If you engage Marketing Wing to create and manage a Google Advertising Campaign, your business will be billed monthly and payment is required prior to campaign/monthly commencement.


All accounts are to be paid within 7 days and payment is to be made via electronic funds transfer (eft) to a nominated account.